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Portman Dental Care.

The Challenge.

Portman Dental Care are a national chain of dentists with over 200 practices nationwide. 

Brand Awareness is very low, even amongst current customers who often know their practice by their local or legacy name. 

The marketing team had a very limited view of competitor activity and their understanding of their target consumer was restricted to small sample internal customer survey data.

Portman Dental Care door drop
Portman Dental Care door drop

The Solution.

The Nest developed an audience segmentation of the broad dental consumer, detailing audience size, demographics, personality profiles and media consumption. 

We also conducted an in-depth review of competitor activity including annual spend trends, media mix analysis, seasonality and creative review. 

We then developed a clear, directional Media Strategy giving Portman Dental a practical framework to deliver effective and inventive media campaigns.

Portman Dental Care sign

The Results.

Portman Dental are now implementing wider business plans that align with The Nest Media’s strategic framework including:

  • Improved targeting of local activity targeting key segments from consumer segmentation.
  • Deploying new channels as recommended to improve cost-efficiencies and targeting.
  • Improved digital campaign structure in-line with segmentation recommendations.

Portman Dental Care sign