The Challenge.

Since the start of 2020, the COVID19 pandemic has put untold pressure on the NHS. Not only were NHS staff dealing with the aggressive outbreak of a dangerous virus, access to healthcare for other issues was severely limited. 


The need for the local health authorities to manage public access to services effectively had never been more important. 


Educating broad sections of the public around the best ways to access healthcare was essential in helping to manage strain on the system, ensuring those that could manage their health needs remotely were able to and priorities were managed effectively.

The Solution.

Working with creative content agency JMP UK and ITV we have deployed a campaign that maximises exposure of the critically important ‘call 111’ messaging in much loved (and watched) environments including national entertainment shows as well as more serious, reflective and local issue programming. 


Strategic planning work concluded that ‘Audience Reach’ and ‘Emotional Resonance’ were the two key campaign requirements and linear TV delivers both in spades! 


In the spirit of maximising campaign reach, VOD & Paid Social video have been used to make sure the message gets to those audiences and regional areas that are harder to reach through linear TV. High frequency, high dwell poster formats across all counties in the South West are supporting the video campaign activity.

The Results.

  • Over 75% of the Adult population in the South West saw the messaging at least once. 
  • On average, those 3.3m people saw the ad an average of 7 times 
  • The cost per 100 people reached was just £0.42 
  • 999 calls declined significantly across the campaign period 
  • 111 calls increased significantly across the campaign period