The new world of Google Ads.

Time flies, especially in the ever-evolving world of Google Ads. I’ve worked with the platform for 10 years but coming back from maternity leave a little over 12 months ago felt a bit like Eleven stepping into the Upside Down – things were different!

Gone are the heady days of hyper-segmentation and single keyword ad groups (SKAGs). Now, it’s all about consolidation and data volume.  And something called “hagakure” which I definitely had to Google more than once … Oh, and privacy regulations…Ad blockers…The departure of 3rd party cookies. The tracking landscape is getting more complex by the day. 

So, how do we at The Nest navigate this brave new world of Google Ads in 2024? We start with the data.

For the vast majority of long-term Google Ads strategies, whoever has the best data wins.  Crappy data leads to crappy performance. We focus on getting the fundamentals right first – ditching GA4 imports for primary conversions and embracing the power of enhanced conversions, consent mode, and server-side tracking.

But before we even get into the detail, the first step to navigating the data-driven world of Google Ads is building a strong foundation. Data alone isn’t enough – we need to understand what data matters. Here’s where the customer journey and micro-conversions come in…

Remember those good old days of hyper-segmentation? Back then, a single conversion – like a purchase – might have been all you cared about. But the reality is, the funnel is increasingly complex. Relying solely on macro-conversions (like purchases) can lead to missed opportunities.

Micro-conversions are those smaller actions users take that indicate interest and move them along the path to becoming a customer. These might be things like:

  • Viewing product pages
  • Watching explainer videos
  • Engaging with blog posts

Tracking these micro-conversions gives valuable insights. They show user engagement and highlight areas where your customer journey can be improved.So, there you have it! The Nest’s first steps to navigating the Upside Down of Google Ads tracking in 2024. Stay tuned for more.

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