Media Strategy

Setting the right Media Strategy can be the difference between delivering Massive Impact & Lots of Sales or simply getting lost in the competitive noise and fading into the background.

At The Nest, we believe the key to defining an effective Media Strategy is context; what is the Competition doing? What are your Target Audience up to and what is going to be most compelling to them? What are the core strengths of your Product or Brand? And most importantly, what are you trying to achieve; what are your Business Objectives?

Once you’ve got a handle on the challenge, the opportunity and landed on the key insights and drivers for your product or brand you’re all set to define the Media Strategy.

Great Media Strategies are written in plain English and crystal clear. They should be Motivating, Directional and Inspire Great Ideas that meet the needs of the business objectives.

Here at The Nest, we follow a simple but effective planning process that puts Media Strategy at the heart of the matter;

  1. Diagnose the Challenge using market leading planning tools to uncover key insights across the Market, the Consumer and the Brand.
  2. Set the Media Strategy with a clear and directional framework to guide channel planning and media tactics.
  3. Implement the Tactics using inventive activation techniques within the most appropriate channels.
  4. Test & Learn through on-going campaign optimisation, ensuring media spend has maximum impact and is delivering meaningful results for our clients.

Each of these stages is equally important. In fact, they are multiplicative; get one wrong and it can have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Get in touch today to discuss how setting a more effective Media Strategy can help drive success for your business.