Channel Planning

Selecting the right channels for your advertising campaigns is hugely important and there are a number of factors to consider when constructing the media plan;

1. What channels are my target audience most likely to be consuming? Where can I reach my audience/s at scale? How can I manage advertising wastage most effectively?

At The Nest we use market leading planning tools to help our clients understand the channels that their audiences are consuming, whether that’s the potential reach of a channel or the wastage. We know how much time people are spending consuming media and when they are most likely to be doing so.

2. What is the likely impact of a channel on the behaviour of my target audience? Will the channel inspire them to do what I want them to?

Exposure to an ad is one thing; impact is quite another. At The Nest, we understand the roles that channels have at the various stages of a consumers purchase journey and we deploy them accordingly.

3. What is the most cost effective way of impacting my target consumer?

Not all advertising impacts are born equal. Some channels, such as Radio or Posters, deliver impressive cost efficiencies whilst others look expensive on a cost per contact basis including Cinema or Direct Mail. At The Nest we consider advertising impact as carefully as cost when designing our plans.

4. What channels will give me the most cut-through and help me stand-out?

Sometimes there’s a different way of doing things. Your competitors might be using tried and tested ways of communicating, whilst changing consumer habits and emerging technologies are presenting massive opportunities to stand-out. At The Nest we’ve got our fingers on the pulses of competitor activity and emerging opportunities to make sure our clients are cutting through.

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