Leachs are the number one supplier of height safety equipment in the UK having supplied scaffolders, roofers, general construction workers (and alike) with essential safety equipment for over 100 years. 

Digital acquisition channels have been an increasingly important part of the marketing plan but despite this, Paid Social performance was lacking without any clear understanding of what was working and what wasn’t. 

A lack of clear account structure meant that that decision making was difficult with no ability to increase investment in high performing audiences and ads or decrease spend in underperforming elements of the campaigns.


The first thing we did was to review the last three years of activity to unpick and understand audience and ad performance (as much as the previous account structure allowed!). 

Then we set up and deployed a clearly structured ad accounts in a way that made reporting clear, optimisation intuitive and decision making easy. 

This included splitting audiences out into a multi-layered funnel, optimising to appropriate objectives and delivering tailored ads with consideration to the consumers stage in the funnel. 

Once we’d found the best performing audiences, we then grouped - or ‘stacked’ - those audiences into bigger groups maximising the data availability to the platforms and allowing the algorithms to do their thing!


• Marked increased in in-platform performance 
• £/Sale improved by over 30% 
• ROAS improved by 40% 
• CTR% improved by 15% 
• Significantly increased last click ROAS and £/Sale 
• Ongoing improvements in audience and messaging understand as we continue to build data
“The Nest have been brilliant to work with. Not only have they made huge improvements to the performance of our Paid Social activity, they’ve also helped us to understand our audiences better and what messaging they are most likely to respond to. This has allowed us to make much smarter marketing decisions. They come highly recommended. ”


Lead Marketeer

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