Analytics & Reporting

We don’t just plan and buy media here at The Nest. We plan, we buy, we learn, we understand, we optimise, we tweak, we re-plan, we buy, we learn, we optimise…

The campaign isn’t over until last impact or impression has been delivered and the last lead or sale has been bagged.

Core to understanding what’s working best, what’s not working quite so well is ongoing analysis of the delivery of the advertising campaign; how many people it’s reached, how many times it’s reached them, what they’ve done as a result of seeing it.

In conducting that analysis we develop detailed regular in-flight reporting that gives our clients a clear picture of the delivery of their campaigns and the business impact including reach, leads or sales.

Our detailed post campaign analysis dives deeper into the learnings of the campaign including any implication for future activity.

Get in touch today to understand our approach to campaign effectiveness and how we help our clients understand the impact of their activity.